Sunday, January 11, 2009

Break Ends

So, for the last month or so I've had a break from everything school related. It was nice, but I am fully ready for it to resume again. Though, I am having a great time working on Idyllically Human it's time to return to the "real" world.

I'm taking 18 hours again this semester. So the likelihood of seeing me frequently is about one in a million. I'll try to keep up with everything, crits, forums, and try to log on to Gtalk at least once a day, but I'm not sure I'll have time. Here is my schedule:









I'm currently watching DL Hughley. Not a show I frequently watch, but I was in a mood for comedy and he's hilarious. The first few stories were light hitting. Bush acting like he's already out of the White House, etc, then two people from people that hate one another came on. A Jew and a Muslim. I'm more Jewish than even Christian. I have no problem saying there is a God, but to say someone has already walked the earth as his form, makes me a bit nauseous. Mostly because certain aspects of what the bible says I find incredibly wrong. Incredibly.


I'm illegitimate. And when I was nine-ish I was reading my sisters bible and I found a passage that said basically that all those who were pregnant and not married should be stoned. Now I know many of my readers are staunch Christians and they'll say that passage was taken out of context in my nine year old mind. Agreed. But that is where the questioning began.


Next I read Anne Frank. How can this God, I've been taught is fair and good send all these Jews to hell simply for believing in something that the "Messiah" himself believed in. Further, I do not believe that any person that lives a good life is going to hell. If you are generous, loving, truthful, etc. you are not going to be sent to hell for any religion. I for one do not believe at all in Allah. I think it's a religion that has gotten more and more violent. But to say that they are going to hell for believing something I don't is ridiculous.


Nor do I believe the bible is a book that has nothing but truths in it. I often ask those that believe fully in the bible if they also believe anything Bush says. If the answer to that I ask why they would believe a pagan emperor over a Christian president. It's a great historical document, but to live by it is simply dangerous and is one of the main reasons wars are fought. (If you want references or more discussion with use by other sources than a college kid than e-mail me and I can give you any reference you want.)


Gaza is just the latest war raged in the name of religions. I've researched wars from the Spanish Inquisition up. And most are a direct result of differences in religion.


Who here on earth can say their beliefs are absolutely correct? I sure can't. I don't know what's on the other side, and I'm not willing to kill another person for my beliefs. I'm not even willing to die for my beliefs in a greater power. I'm willing to die for my core beliefs. That children are the only source of innocence in this world and adults corrupt them from birth and the less we can kill their innocence the better. That I'd willingly die for. But for God, in the Christian sense no. We are all entitled to our beliefs. Cause the simple truth is no one truly knows.


  1. Anonymous said...
    i was watcing the same show and i found it interesting. I like the way you expressed yourself. But i would suggest you to pick a religion and believe it. Because any religion in the word is the path which goes to God. But we don't know which one is right or maybe all of them are the way to go. The matter is, being a good human being as long as we believe something.
    marieconley3 said...
    Though I don't personally know this poster, I thought they made a point.

    I believe my point is that believing that all religions have equal basis is believing in something.

    I can believe anything I wish but if they are all different than what's the point as long as I do what is morally good and right?
    Lady Glamis said...

    I don't claim to know everything, nor do I claim to to be able to immediately answer every question you have. However, I do believe that my religion does hold all the answers, and that it is true.

    So... in that context, I invite you to ask me anything you like, or even argue anything you like with me. Off your blog of course. :)

    I don't think ill of you for anything you have commented on. It is natural for anybody to question the things you have questioned. In fact, I am happy to see you questioning things. Your passion about it will lead you somewhere good, I hope. :)

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