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Our first date was freaking perfect even though everything went to hell.

The day was horrid! Tuesday during school all was good, then on the way home I hit a clod of dirt and punctured my radiator. Then Aunt Linda took me home and I went to get dressed. Grandma came in to confront me. UGH!!! Then when trying to leave Nate stopped me from taking Mom's car. Talk about a freaking headache! So AJ picked me up.

We went to Applebee's where I guess I was rude to the waiter, but I'm not usually rude to waiters and it upset AJ. I hate upsetting AJ, but I don't know the waiter seemed bored or something and wanted to talk and I wanted AJ to myself.

The night was great. If a bit exhausting as we didn't go to sleep until 4 a.m.

The next day we went to Dallas. Dallas is pretty. It may be huge, but what I saw of it didn't seem like HELL as I feel about most cities. We don't agree about much living-wise, but we are willing to make compromises. The hypothetical plan at the moment is- I move to Dallas, we get an apartment, I go to law school down there, and HOPEFULLY he switches to something 9-5. I'm not sure I'll be a happy camper being alone.

My family approves. This is the first guy ever that they've approved of. Rock they HATE as do all my friends and I can see why. At times AJ will say something that sounds so Rock-ish and it throws red flags in my head. Bubbly boy they also hated, which I'm not sure until this day why.

Tonight I did something I shouldn't have and he was harsh, cause he's tired mainly. And even though he has the right to yell knowing it upset me, upset him.

I cried because I don't have him, and it upset him alot. I am trying not to make him feel guilty for having to be away, but sometimes it's hard not to cry for him. Then our goodnights were great. He told me I was his sunshine.

Okay enough gushing for one night, I'll write a "Writerly" post later. Promise.


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