Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Indulge Me

Okay, so I was doing something I really shouldn't have been doing. Going over something that is past. Why? To find a certain picture, but the words around the picture are some of the most important lies that I've ever heard. "Important Lies" I think that could be a title of a pretty awesome book.

Important lies, how can lies be important?

Webster defines lies as "to speak falsely or utter untruth knowingly, as with intent to deceive.


to express what is false; convey a false impression.

So I'm saying something false is important? How can that be? In life falsities are to be important, only as if you check false on a test too many times and fail a test. Should a falsity be important. But how often is a false statement more important than a ton of great work?

Bill Clinton slept with Monica Lewinsky, but was that the important factor? No, it was that he lied under oath. Should that have been more important than the fact that he reformed welfare? Should that have been more important that he often crossed party lines to do what was best for the nation? In my estimation, no.

I know that is an ancient example, but you see it every day.

Here's a more recent lie, one that was far more serious in my opinion. Bush lied to the American public about WMD and got us into a war that has killed 4190 US citizens. That does not count the many Iraq citizens that have died.

So lies kill people? Yes, lies kill people. Daily. They break up more marriages than probably any other sin committed. They wreck lives.

How many truths can you say have done the same?

But do all lies have to be bad? No. Sometimes they are right and good. What we adults like to call "tact." But a false tongue is usually a hurtful tongue. So next time you are about to tell a lie, stop and think. Is this going to make the situation worse? Or better?

Sunday, November 2, 2008


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K so I promised pics of Colorado long ago. This is the church at Estes Park. I love it.

I will post pics of costume later...


The question mark is cause I have no clue as to what I should blog about, but it's time for an update so here it goes!


Character Interviews-With Lei, Inky, and Michelle have been more than helpful! Love you girls! I've found out more about Abi tonight than I have for ages! I'm glad this is what I'm doing for Nano!


So I'm gonna be gone for a whole week during Nano. Insane huh? So instead of 4 weeks I'll do it in 3! 3 weeks?!? I doubt I make it, but I shall try!


Why am I missing a week of Nano? Come on people! What have I been raving about for months? Yep, I knew you'd get it! OIL!!! OIL is in like 2 days!


Tomorrow I go for new makeup, Tuesday I go for an updo, and Monday I need to pack. Oh and today I got my car detailed by John. He attempted to get me to go back out to Nite Lite tonight, but no I needed to stay in. I have a long week and need to catch up on some Z's.


Oh and as some of you know I've been a little concerned about some health issues. As soon as I get back from the city I'll be going in to the doctor to see if we can get it under control. If it means more pills I'm sure I'll be a bit upset, but hopefully it can be righted without a hospital stay. I'm sure I'm in for another lecture. I detest being lectured at by doctors. I get it, I don't slow down and take care of myself I'll die. Got it. Stop telling me it. If it's higher than a 5 I'm sure he'll go easy on me. I hope it's his PA. So much nicer.


So I have another INSANE month ahead!


Oh and enrollment is open! I need to go sign up for my next 21 hours for Spring. My LSAT is like a year away! Scary!!! Dec 5th 2010. And my GRE's are this spring for the Psych Masters program.


Nano is going to be a blast! Oh and I now know how to use XHTML so I may be changing my layout more. If you comment, please say if you like the change or not.


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