Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A music video

I heard this song on my way home tonight...I instantly fell in love with it...


This is Ashton Shepherd...She is great...favorite song would have to be Taking off this Pain you Put on Me...or Old Memory

Next came Kellie Pickler...she is also great...on radio...there must have been some sort of problem cause she mumbled throughout her part.

But that didn't stop me from knowing my all time favorite of hers...Red High Heels. It brought back a day that happened almost a year ago...

Next a horrible band played...we took no pics of them. The piano player broke his keyboard during the concert because he hit his head too hard on it...they sounded like dying elephants or something...

The best was the headliner Sugarland...There are so many songs that are my favorites….Already Gone, which is about a girl leaving her Mom and her first love behind, Stay, which is about a woman telling the man she's having an affair with to stay with his primary love because it's too painful to share, and Genevieve, which is simply me and Lindsay's song, I'm not sure it has a real meaning other than we like it so it's ours.


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