Monday, January 12, 2009

Off to college we go!

First of all, I'm in an odd mood tonight so bare, bear? with me. Today, was my first day back to school.


My first class was at 10 today and I arrived at the Wellness Center, where this particular class is located, at 10:01. So I was starting off on a bad foot. I walk in, dreading this class, go to the front desk and ask "Do you know what room Wellness Concepts is located in?" Blond little bimbo, says, as she pops her gum, "That-a-way." Very well, I walk over there and it looks to be full of rodeo people. My college is the leading school in the state for rodeo and so most of our boys wear wranglers and occasionally chaps. So I'm like I bet it's a rodeo meeting. Standing outside, I consider going in when a black guy walks up to me. "You know if that's Wellness?" he asks. I'm like "Not sure."


I follow him in. We are in the right place luckily.


We have to fill out a couple of forms and then we are free to go. Black guy, don't know his name, turns to me and touches my hand. Which resulted in my pen being on the other side of two aisles. Nerves were flying. He hands me his pen. Nice guy.


But other than that my first day was incredibly good after a month off.


I'm in Eng. Lit before 1800, and so I have to read a TON! And then write a paper on it. For Steed none-the-less. I think I'll love the class though.


Oh is my sisters 26th birthday tomorrow. So I'm gonna do a quick bio on her.



Born in Denver during one of the most hazardous blizzards for years, came a pink cuddly little baby with the cutest smile you've ever seen. A one-sided dimple with dark hair that she quickly rubbed off her head in  her crib. By the time I was born she was already deconstructing highchairs and brushing her hair with a toilet brush.


Today she again lives in Denver, WAY too far from me. And is in photography school. She's a great big sister. I love her to death. And if she doesn't come home soon that may become literally.


  1. Lady Glamis said...
    Awww, your sister is a sweetie! I didn't know she was in photography school! Cool!

    What a great story about school... I'm just chuckling over your pen flying. That would be a great scene in a book, I think. I'm a total klutz, so stuff like that happens to me ALL the time!

    Good luck with all the school! I'm sure you will do great.
    Rana said...
    That's so cool, Rie. Good luck!

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