Saturday, May 17, 2008


Okay, so I'm adopting yet another dog. Hey, once I start liking something, I'm least for awhile. So on Saturday the 24th we go pick up Coco Michelle.

Isn't she PRECIOUS!!!

She is 12 weeks old, a lab and has the cutest green eyes I have ever seen!

I'm ecstatic! Counting down the days until my new baby girl is in my arms.

Must not forget about my other babies. So more pics of them!

They're adorable.

Okay so location, location, location!

The best spot on the earth for walking the docs is about 10 miles south of Fairview! It's right along the lake and as you can see is covered in brush that the dogs love to run through!

Here is Fi, standing beside Auntie's car. She isn't as fond of car rides as Lil' bit is, but she up for a ride whenever we deem to take her on one. She seldom gets to go with Auntie.

This here is my little car mate. Wherever Auntie goes she goes! As you can see she is perfectly behaved in the car. Her favorite thing to do is lay her head on top of Auntie's shoulder as we go down the road.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Weekend Trip

This here is me in the car with Lil' Bit my baby! She is the most precious most lovable dog on the whole earth. My face looks incredibly wide in this pic, but it's been a long long day of hiking and no makeup.

Here is non-squished face, though still no make-up. And if your wondering why I love Sepia 'tis because I'm as pale as a ghost and NO ONE gets to see me pale as a ghost pics. Oh and yes I'm perpetually tired, perhaps because I'm on the net until oh tis about 2:07 now.

Just so you can remember once in a while I am innocent and do take the time to wear make-up here is once again my favorite senior pic.


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