Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I'm going to the state capital in like 2 weeks to present like I'm a member of the Senate. Which is a bit overwhelming. Tomorrow I fly out for Denver.

I have 2 bills to write.

I'm writing one with someone I've never met and they are due in a week. Scary!

Okay...I try to avoid certain topics, but I'm going to indulge myself. It's been a bad day.

Lindsay-upset me by not telling me goodbye. She hates goodbyes. I love goodbyes. It's just the difference in our personalities.

And the 3rd most important person in my life is in some kind of trouble. I got a message from his fiancee that she needs to talk to me. But then she went to bed, cause it was late and she has kids. I worry about him all the time. He may be twice my age, but that doesn't mean I believe he can care for himself. Man I hope he isn't going to be hurt emotionally.

Anyways I'm stressed and I doubt I'll be able to talk to any of you until Monday. So I love you all.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

New Layout!

I have a new layout! I also have new hair! It's back to normal!

I have 4 days until I head out to Denver.

I don't have much to say. I'm plotting my Nano.

Ah! So I came up with a topic!


Where everybody knows your name,
and they're always glad you came.

Do you have a place where this is true? I have 2 places! One online and one here at home.

1. Online

CC, it's my home away from home. It's the place I go when there is news of any kind within my life I want to share with others and I've met so many people that have turned into friends. I'm going to list some of them and if I leave any out I'm very sorry you know I love all of you.

Sarah-She is super independent sometimes to her detriment and she is always a voice of reason.

Inky-She's a lover of all things good in life. Puppies, writing, and lives in the land of kangaroos.

Sparky-We may be almost exactly the same age, but we are very opposite. She is into dark sci-fi and I'm a bunny loving hug a bug. I love Obama, she loves McCain.

Rock-He is ALWAYS the one I turn to. Usually we fight to get past any issue I'm having. When I push I know he'll set a boundary and I'll not go past it and we will survive any fight I issue. Knowing I can't push him away means more to me than anything.

2. Life

Enid- my hometown.

Lindsay- She's my girlie. Anytime I'm awake, not at school, and she's not at work than we are together. She is a fun time. A place to turn. A best friend for the last 10 years.

D-We don't know each other all that well, but he supports my girl when she needs it and I know I can always call him if there is a problem.

Jared-Quiet, thoughtful, beautiful.

I can't forget my family. My sister and mother, they are the ones that hold me up when there is no world underneath my feet.

There are so many more in both worlds, but those I mentioned are the ones that have influenced my life the most recently.


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