Monday, June 8, 2009


Geez, I havent' been here FOREVER.

So for an update.

AJ-is great! He's starting a new job on Wednesday that will get him home every night and me completely off the truck. As an added bonus there is a pay increase, more days off, and he only has to work 10 hours a day instead of 14.

Mom-Seems to be getting better and says she's happy in Denver. I miss her terribly, but hopefully she'll get back to normal and come home soon. *Crosses fingers*

Sissy-Seems to be coping with the stress better and me and her are back on speaking terms.

Me- Tired of looking for a job in an economy that is DEAD. I can't wait until August when I can get back into school. Hopefully I'll be taking 18-21 hours and working 30-40 hrs a week. I'll be busy, but I'm always happiest when super busy.

Miss you all!


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