Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Sorry, I haven't updated in forever. Life got a bit insane right around when sissy came home.

College is out in 10 days. I have 2 dr. appts tomorrow and another on Fri. Quite a few for a girl who hates docs.

Most if not all who will read this post are CC'ers. So I know I should talk about writing, but the thing is I haven't written in ages.

The only thing insightful I can talk about is tempers. My temper has gotten a little out of control lately, not that I've done anything reckless or dangerous about it, but I've seen more causes of it.

What has been getting me angry? Everything. Driving, talking to Rock, especially today, or anytime he's being insensitive, Christina, shopping, most of all loosing my temper.

Rock has anger issues. This is my biggest concern about him, for him. He's going to get himself in more trouble than he already has, an I'll be helpless to stop it or even console him. I think it's idiotic to punch people. Barbaric. I think handling anger in an adult way is healthy and productive, but I seem to be letting my anger manage me not the other way around.

For Thanksgiving we went to Ark City. Everything about the town angered me. From the knowledge that my arc (or is it arch) enemy had been there to having to be around Nate and Lakin.

We then went to Lawrence and I love the town! I want to move there and I want encouraged to move there, but Rock says I should and I want to tell him he obviously knows nothing about me if he thinks I should leave my family.

I'm cynical and often this has been misconstrued as anger, but now I feel true anger and I'm not sure why.

Sorry rant over.


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