Sunday, November 9, 2008

OK Intercollegiate Legislature

OIL ends tomorrow. I came home early because I wasn't feeling well and the delegation chair (cousin) angered me. So the title of this blog is in relation to a comment made by one of my best friends. He told me I was too sweet to be in politics. After a week at the capital I feel better able to refute this. I can be aggressive enough to make movements when needed. I also can be laid back and allow those bills I see no harm in passing pass without amendment.

I have two bills I'm proposing next semester, both have to do with child abuse. If you would like to read one or both please alert me and I will send you an e-mail of such.

If you like to ask any questions about the process feel free. I'm more than a little bit pumped about becoming a lawyer, but I also am even more excited about genetics. So I'm glad I'm still double majoring.

Me on my way to Senate.

Senate Chambers

Nano got put on the backburner. I doubt I make it. I'm not in the mood to write.

A tiny life update:

Lindsay and I were fighting as many of you are already aware. The absence was even more beneficial to our relationship than her apology and I have Kasey to thank for that.

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  1. Lady Glamis said...
    Rie- what a long and CRAZY week for week! I hope you can catch up on your sleep this week. And I hope your passion for writing comes back.

    It makes me sad when fellow writers lose the will to write - even for brief periods of time. :(

    Let me know if there's anything you need me to do to help! With anything. ;)

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