Sunday, June 8, 2008


Okay so I've been non-existant. It's really okay. I'm fine. Everything is fine.

So last time I posted I stated that I was upset with both Rock and Love. (Hmm...why does Rock always come first?)

I'm no longer upset with either. Let's say that one learnt his lesson and the other never will. Rock is great. Stubborn, majestic, full of temper, and great. Or it could be that I missed him. I was a bit mean to him today, but I don't think he gets it and that angers me.

So Coco, is still the demon dog. DD for short. Let's just say if she was a boy I'd name her Rock's real name. She bites, then she expects love, she jumps and scratches. She doesn't care how much she hurts me as long as I keep spoiling her, and I'm a sucker for her green eyes.

Lil' bit is still my baby. Her deep brown eyes. Ugh she can get by with anything with those puppy eyes. When I'm with Coco I'm afraid she will get jealous and hurt, but she doesn't really. She simply controls Coco the best she can.

Then there is Fi! Oh my gosh, my sweetie pie! Okay so a tornado ripped through Fairview. Which knocked out the electricity. She climbed into bed next to me and was on guard the entire night. I think she may be my true favorite.

I'm wierd and like to think what they'd be like if they were human. Coco, who knows other than annoying. Lil' bit would be a little blonde cheerleader. Peppy and beautiful. Fiesta would be very bossy and protective and she'd let me get by with anything.

I haven't dyed my hair in ages, but it is turning incredibly blonde for the summer which I need to nip in the bud or not. Depends. Swimming everyday has done that and made me tan. Exotic, no. American, yes.

I've never really wanted to live West until yesterday. It was 68 there while it was 103 here. I'm burnt. I'm tired and more than anything I'm grumpy.

In 5 days Grandma flies out West. 2 hours north to be exact. Will is graduating. Nate is going.

Which brings me to tempers. Tempers need to be controlled. I worry endlessly about him. It's going to get him killed one of these days.

Writing has been non-existant.


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