Friday, June 20, 2008


Okay, so I'm horrible and haven't posted in almost two weeks.

What have I been doing? Not writing. Okay I wrote a short. That is it.

I went to see Sex in the City. It was great. Mr. Big has a name which is a shocker and I still claim that the only name he has is Big. I was fine and dandy until they gave the naked neighbor of Samantha's a name. They were on the beach in L.A. and his name was ??? Must I say more? Such an unusual name but lately it's been popping up everywhere.

I also went to Prince Caspian. Good movie.

Today I'm spending shopping. I haven't had a good girl's day in forever. I have to buy tons!

Tomorrow I'm chopping off my hair. That I've been attempting to grow out and keep brown. So now it is going to be blond and short.

So as usual doggie updates!

Coco- better. No more biting and sits perfectly. I'm buying her a dress today. Okay, I'm aware I'm a girlie girl. It's fun.

Lil bit-good. She got off her collar on her walk a couple of days ago and ran to this hottie Mchottie. He's in the army and uniforms and suits are the best things a man can be in. He was out running and I had to get my eyes off him before I could redirect them to chasing her. He lives 3 houses down and just moved in like 2 weeks ago. Oh and I'm now completely a free agent so perfect timing.

Fi-okay I still love her, but she bit me and she's a huge pitbull. Sissy says its because she doesn't like Love being around. So bite him NOT me.

(Side-note:Is it horrible to refuse to answer your cell? I'm not answering today!)

Okay off to research Cesar Milan. It's my summer project to get all three completely trained, hence my focus on them. Cesar Milan lives in a place that is beautiful, I didn't think it would be since it's urban and all, but it is. It's beautiful.

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  1. Inkblot said...
    Eeee :) Glad to see you're back :D

    Awesome doggie updates! Have read one of Caesar Milan's books, and highly recommend him. Luck with the squiggly puppies! :D

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