Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I have a whooper of a secret. I have many secrets, but one secret is much larger than the other secrets in my life.


I'm writing a book with a girl that has a had to hide a secret from birth. A secret about her birth.


So I ask you my fellow writers? Do you have a dozy of a secret? And when is it hardest to not tell this secret?


  1. Rana said...
    Hm...I have a few secrets. Hardest not to tell when I'm overwhelmed adn nobody seems to understand.

    Such is life.
    Angela said...
    I think the hardest secret to keep is one that isn't your own and one that isn't you place to tell, yet you know someone will be hurt by it if you keep it.
    Lady Glamis said...
    I agree with Angela. It is very hard to keep someone else's secret. I've had to do this several times, and almost caved. But glad I didn't. Not my right to share. :)

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