Friday, January 23, 2009


I'm going to start a new series of posts that begin with a feeling. With which I will include a book and a song for each and a portion of a novel that I've written.


Anger is starting these off because for the past week I've felt an inordinate about of it. The clenching of the teeth, the yelling opposed to singing to the radio in the car, the looks that seem like acid, all of these are classic traits, and let me tell you I have hand cramps from gripping my fist too tightly.


The best book for this feeling is actually a series written by Karen Chance, the Cassandra Palmer series. It's a series that makes the blood boil and the bad guy pay. I'm all for violence when I'm in a mood, fictional violence that is. This is not for the Mercs'. This is a book for the more weak of heart, but I still love them. I often read them on the way from home. Fun fast read that will get your mind off whatever is angering you.


My favorite song while being angry is Blake Shelton's "It Isn't Easy Being Me". It's fast paced enough to get some of it out, but still has a means something significant.


Okay so a portion of Day this time:


Jacob entered the library to find a drunken man sprawled across his desk. His stomach revolted at the sight, he grabbed him by his collar and hauled him up against the wall. “Leave your daughter alone.”

“What? You tellin’ me what to do? My daughter is none of your concern.” The Congressman shouted as he attempted to loosen himself from Jacob’s grip.

“I will call your notes as well as leaking them to the press. You think you can still win the election with that information out?” Jacob gritted out as he shoved one of the notes underneath the Congressman’s nose with one hand as restrained him with the other.

“If I find out that you’ve tried to make contact with Ms. Wilmot, be assured that I will not hesitate…” Without finishing his sentence he dropped the almost pitiful man leaving him slumped on the ground. He did not trust himself around Abigail’s father for a moment longer.

The only thing that kept him from putting his fist through his despicable face was Abigail’s reaction to his threat of recourse when he first met her. The last thing he wanted to do was upset Abigail, but to disappoint her would tear him apart.


What do you think calms your anger the most? Do you scream/sing at the radio? What is your favorite song/book when being angry? And do you think that excerpt shows his anger?


  1. Lady Glamis said...
    Great post, Rie. Now I understand why you were so angry last night in chat. Sorry that I was too tired and distracted with writing to make you tell me things. You didn't seem to want to talk about it.

    Ah, music and books for anger. Um, yah, I listen to really heavy metal and rap when I pissed off. I yell a lot, bang my fists into walls, scream into pillows, and generally hate the world.

    Luckily, these bouts don't happen often. Much less now that I'm on my depression pills. They mellow me out a lot, which is a whole post in and of itself that I'll save for later.

    I like your bit from Day. I think it shows his anger well, but I don't think "almost pitiful" works. He's just darn pitiful. Not almost.

    I hope today goes better for you. Please don't let the stress of anger bring you down for too long.

    Windsong said...
    *hugs* Marie.

    Nice post. I liked you're selection.

    Thinking is what calms me down the most. Music or reading might facilitate the process, but it's the actual figuring out what I'm feeling that works best.

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