Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New BOOK!!!

Idyllically Human!

So, I came up with a new idea last night I'm super excited about and here are the characters.

Children that were privately genetically engineered by a Geneticist are now deemed illegal. How do they cope with hiding the fact they are above average? How do they define the term "perfect"? And if they had the choice would they be "average"?

MC-Angela-flute player-17

Angela's BF-who is a nerd and is staring at her in pic above before she noticed him.Youngest sister-Hannah-insanely smart-11Oldest Sister-Michelle-"perfectly" beautiful as well as smart-22

youngest brother-Alec-animal lover and has kindred spirits when it comes to animals, can feel what others feel-Crystal child-9oldest brother-Bret-smart, athletic-15

Dad-42-Not sure of name for him-Very successful geneticist

Their home
Angela's car-


  1. Lady Glamis said...
    Coooool! I'm so glad I'm perfectly beautiful AND smart. I wouldn't want to be one without the other. Hehehe.

    I love the car, too.

    The title is growing on me....I'll let you know if I have any suggestions on it.
    Ed said...
    As someone who submits to a stock photo site, I can tell you that whoever took these pictures would appriciate a link to their profile, at the least.

    I recommend these sites for free stock photos:


    Morgue file

    These sites offer royalty free images, and you won't have the watermarks over them.
    marieconley3 said...
    Michelle-Thought you'd like that!

    Ed-Sorry didn't know the correct etiquette on it. I'll try to find some of the links and post them soon.

    Thanks for the links to other sites. I'll check them out. I just found these two sites from other writers websites so they will help a ton.

    Anyone have an idea for a title other than Idyllically Human?
    Windsong said...
    Yay, Marie! Keep us posted. Sounds like a neat premise.

    Love the house!
    The Crystal Faerie said...

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