Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I'm too tired and cranky to write so I'm procrastinating.

3 unsent messages, 4 blogs read, useless research, lots of conversation later I still haven't even opened my files. Yes, I have time off so I should be even more dedicated to writing. I know this, but yet I'm procrastinating.

I want to get at least one of those messages actually sent, but I have no idea how to phrase it.

On a slightly different note (though technically it is still procrastination), I'm highly annoyed with the way that the political war between Hilary and Obama is going. I want him to just get the primaries already. She should bow out. Her husband didn't leave after being impeached and it looks like she has no intention of leaving until she is forced out. Kentucky actually chose her! Oklahoma did too, what a shock! We really want a manipulative liar in office?

I'm sorry to all those that actually like her, but come on! You want a woman that portrays all of the negative stereotypes about women in office? Really? You want a cold fish. I bet her motto coincides with that of the Queen of England, "Look the other way and think about England." If I was her husband I'd be cheating too. If I was her daughter I'd have nothing to do with her. I feel honestly sorry for Chelsea Clinton.

Then don't even get me started on McCain. Do you want four more years of Bush? I don't hate him on a personal level, but I hate the idea of this war continuing.

I don't really want any of the 3, but Obama is the best choice. Now I'm done with my political rant.


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